We are delighted to announce a new partnership between 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People (1000L) and LandScale, a user-friendly assessment tool that helps organizations deliver and communicate sustainability at scale. This work will strengthen the business case for using landscape-level insights as the basis for management, policy, investment and sourcing decisions. 

Over the next year, LandScale and 1000L will co-develop learning modules to support landscape partnerships, as well as sharing tools and resources to aid collaboration and data sharing among landscape leaders. We will also align the LandScale platform with Terraso, the app being developed by 1000L to support locally-led landscape collaborations developed. 

Developed by the Rainforest Alliance, Verra and Conservation International, LandScale aggregates the impact of all activities within rural landscapes – from ecosystem health and human well-being to governance and production – to produce landscape-level insights. The platform enables local leaders to capture data unique to their landscape, while also offering a structured reporting format that can help inform national and subnational policy. This helps drive funding to landscapes and also provides greater opportunity for cross-collaboration.  

“It’s clear that we can’t solve this century’s sustainability challenges in isolation,” noted Jeff Milder, Rainforest Alliance’s director of global policy & coalitions and LandScale steering committee member. “If we’re going to succeed in protecting biodiversity, addressing climate change and reducing poverty, we will need stronger collaboration at the landscape level. We’re very excited to be partnering with 1000 Landscapes. By pooling our knowledge and resources, we will support landscape collaborations across the globe to scale up their impact.” 

The partnership will collaborate on landscape data collection, storage and analysis. We’ll also work together to identify landscape-level data gaps, evaluate the impact of landscape partnerships and capture the learnings from LandScale analyses. 

“Projects operating at the scale of landscapes have always suffered from inadequate reporting,” said Dr. Sara Scherr, president of EcoAgriculture Partners and chair of the 1000L. “But if we can’t measure what’s happening when we alter management approaches, then we’ll never truly understand impacts, successes and failures. LandScale helps landscape leaders do exactly that. That’s why I know I speak for all of 1000L’s partners when I voice my excitement for this partnership.”

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