About Us

Our Shared Vision for Thriving Landscapes

Each landscape, seascape, watershed, territory or jurisdiction is unique. But all face common challenges for collaborative action. The 1000L partners share a vision of thriving landscapes for all.

All stakeholders in the landscape are working together as a landscape partnership.

To achieve all four benefits from their landscape: inspiration for the next generation, human well-being, healthy nature, and a regenerative economy.

Acting now, but with a 20+ year generational vision and commitment.

Designing strategies that link areas within a landscape for three purposes: natural habitats; regenerative production and land use; and more sustainable settlements, infrastructure and industry.

Through five elements of integrated landscape management and restoration:

Landscape Partnership – developing a strong, long-lasting coalition of organizations in the landscape from across sectors and communities

Shared Understanding – building common understanding of the state of the landscape, trends and future scenarios, and one another’s interests

Vision and Planning – forging a long-term inspiring vision and strategy, evaluating options, and developing spatially-targeted action plans

Taking Action – coordinating actions, developing and financing an integrated landscape investment portfolio, tracking and communicating implementation

Learning and Impact – measuring landscape impacts, capturing lessons learned, and using them to adjust the landscape strategy and action plan

By joining together through long-term landscape partnerships, local people and communities can connect with and influence governments and policy, social movements, markets and finance, and contribute to systemic solutions for achieving the Global Goals.