Landscape narratives

Storytelling is an effective way of communicating information and motivating action for change. Through the development of narratives, LP stakeholders may find a way to express or highlight certain aspects of their journey that they deem inspiring or important. This may help motivate others to continue working together over the long term. These narratives can highlight initial successes (quick wins), and articulate aspirations for the landscape.

Compelling landscape narratives can also help to attract the interest of groups outside the LP who could contribute to the LP’s success, such as policymakers, investors, buyers of marketed products from the landscape, business leaders, or the media. When developing and delivering these narratives for these audiences it is important to focus messages on matters that are relevant to them and use their language. For example, pitches to potential investors might include information on natural capital valuation in the landscape and the landscape investment portfolio (output 4.4).

Landscape Narratives can take various forms to appeal to different audiences: a brochure, a story, a video, a play, photographs, recordings, visual arts, music, a poem, a newspaper or magazine article, or a marketing flyer. These applications of the Narrative can be incorporated into the Calendar of Stakeholder Engagement and Outreach (4.2).