Landscape investment portfolio

A centerpiece of ILM implementation is translating the Action Plan into a concrete and integrated ‘landscape investment portfolio’ that can be used to attract finance and investment supporting landscape goals. This portfolio includes both ‘asset’ and ‘enabling’ investments.

The ‘asset’ investments produce direct benefits for the regenerative economy, human well-being, and healthy nature. Examples might be smallholder agroforestry investments, a public-private project for riverbank restoration, expansion of several ‘green’ businesses, and new local health clinics for villages around protected wildlife areas. ‘Enabling’ investments make regenerative asset investments possible. Examples include LP organization, training, policy innovations, setting up a system of product certification or payment for ecosystem services, or generating landscape impact data that can be used by all stakeholders.

The Portfolio would eventually include all the key private, public, and civic projects and business investments that support the LP’s objectives, and show where in the landscape they are being implemented. The Output produced by the LP could be a Portfolio tracker that distinguishes projects already being implemented, those ready for financing (that is, they have done detailed project and business planning, incubation, and have a financing plan), and those under development.

The Landscape Investment Portfolio can be shared publicly in the form of a map, portfolio album, or electronic table. Information about ‘investment-ready’ projects can be shared with prospective funders from the private sector, governments and philanthropy.