Communications strategy

To implement an LP’s collaborative plan, both internal and external communications are invaluable. LP leaders need to regularly engage with stakeholders, to maintain their interest in the shared vision and commitment towards reaching the LP’s objectives. Smooth running of the partnership may involve activities such as organizing regular well-facilitated meetings; frequently sharing updates on progress, through newsletters or other media providing access to digital apps for computers and phones to enhance communications amongst LP stakeholders; mediating conflicts among partners, or delivering training.

Meanwhile, developing strong communications and working relationships with potential investors, business leaders, policy makers and other supporters of the landscape initiative can also be important. Steps to ensure the LP’s visibility, and attract the interest of external partners can include tours that showcase landscape and local green enterprise innovations, holding local policy forums, participating in agricultural or business fairs, publishing policy briefs, engaging in social media, or providing stories to the news media.

To sharpen planning and make coordination easier, LP facilitators or other members can create a master calendar showing all these stakeholder engagement and outreach activities and outputs. Such a calendar would include not only dates, but also the persons/organizations responsible, and other relevant information.