Assessment of landscape challenges and opportunities

A key output for the LP is a joint synthesis of the analyses and scenarios above, into an agreed assessment of priority landscape challenges and opportunities. Successful collaboration for ILM requires that all stakeholders have enough information to adequately negotiate and protect their interests, and that they also understand and respect the interests of other stakeholder groups.

Time is required for stakeholders to process the analyses and scenarios developed, from their own perspectives, and to exchange views directly with those who have different perspectives. This may involve a series of dialogues about the analyses or scenarios, joint walks across transects of the landscape to share perspectives, interpreting results of landscape assessments, or storytelling about stakeholders’ experiences.

The agreed assessment can be presented as a report, a visual diagram, a landscape ‘scorecard’ and/or a map, that can be understood by all stakeholder groups. A compelling assessment, broadly agreed, provides the basic foundation for developing a shared Vision and Plan.